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The project

Recently I have searched a foms editor – wizard” in web mode. I looked for it on internet, believing many projects should greatly deal with this problem (I don’t like to develop something if it already exist). After many tests I have come to the conclusion that it does not exist (or that it is not well “referenced”…).
Also I have taken advantage of my holidays to do this “little” project.



andLinux logo
For the lambda user it is very difficult to “test” Linux. Indeed, everybody don’t have many computers, the installation in a virtuel machine or in DualBoot can be risk and the tests with a “live-CD” distribution are quickly limitated.

It is in this point of viewthat I tried “andLinux” which is a Ubuntu complete distribution which directly works under Windows.

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  • Description

    Treeview is the first component that I have developed (at the time in C + + for Windows 3). Since then I accommodate this development in various languages.
    So I present you the last of the Tliste family PHP version. This component is a freeware under license GPL.

    This component is a set of two classes PHP tliste the base class and rd_l which represents an element of the list. It is, in my opinion, relatively easy to use and easily adaptable. It’s still a “beta” version, which should be cleaned and I think also to produce two distinct versions for PHP-4 and PHP-5.


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  • Description

    Usually in software devellopement we use values liste that we take from “properties”, SQL tables or in the worst case, “in hard codding” in our application.

    As many people I had this problem ans I solve it by creating “Tables Memories”. It permits me to limit the access to the database (or file), to low the occupation memory by having just one request of these memories liste, and to simplify my code.

    This code is quite old and could be improved (use of the patern singleton instead of a full static classe, synchronize optimisation…). I use this in a huge number of project and I always report these modifications because I don’t have any performance or memories problems.


    During the cration of this componant I wanted to have the following functions also I simplify in maximum its use in a JSP page or a Servtel :

    • “Connection” sql connection outside bean
    • Do not reload the data if they are already in memory
    • Load of a liste from a select SQL : loadQuery(…)
    • Load of a list from a values liste : loadListe(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (String) : getValue(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (Combobox) : getListe(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (Radio Bouton) : getRadio(…)


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  • WWW – XWiki version 1.2

    Some news of the web

    After three “releases candidates” the final version of the excellent XWiki software is avaible to download.

    Xwiki is a Wiki Open Source multilingual, entirely written in Java. It offers all the services of a well securisated Wiki and permit an easy developping of the specifique functions (very useful to integrate this in existing applications). This sort of tools permit to develop quickly an entreprise Intranet by adding quite easyly specifique functions.

    This new version offers better performans, New users, groups and rights management UI (I didn’t like the previous one), many pluggins anb many other things to see at this link. ici.

    In my opinion I find the first contact very simple and quick. I particulary like the panel interface, the flux reader “Xwiki Watch” which is really very powerful and the exportation in RTF or PDF format.

    If you don’t already know this tool I invite you to discover it quicky.

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