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aTicker is a simple, free and small Ticker texte scrolling Applet. aTicker runs on all browsers with JDK 1.1x support. (aTicker is free with all source code).
This applet is available in JDK 1.1x

Source HTML

<applet codebase="/jar" archive="applet-aticker.jar" code="com.berthou.applet.aticker.aticker.class" width=220 height=20 mayscript>
	<param name=file value="s">
	<param name=cSep value="§">
	<param name="speed" value="1">
	<param name="delay" value="30">
	<param name="local" value="true">
	<param name="bgcolor" value="13693183">
	<param name="Font1" value="Verdana, 14, 0, 0">
	<param name="Font2" value="Verdana, 14, 1, 1220">
	<param name="s0" value="JavaSide § § _load">
	<param name="s1" value="Mess 2 § javascript:alert('Salut...') § _script § ?PopupJavascript">
	<param name="s2" value="berthou-fr § § _load">
	<param name="s3" value="berthou-us § § _load">


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  • Servlet : zipservlet

    This article aims at presenting how to create a servlet that sends a zip file to the user. We create here a html page with a form where you can enter an url. The servlet will get the content of this url (only the html page, not the images or other frames), create a zip file with it, and send you the file.
    This example can be used as a basis to do various things.

    • Sending a file with a servlet
      This involves two headers: Content-Type and Content-Disposition. The content type is set to “application/zip”. The other one is used to specify the filename used by the browser when it starts downloading the file.


      This header replace “res.setHeader(“Content-Disposition”,”attachment;;”);” (not work with IE5)

      In this example, we create a zip file. We’ll discuss later on how to create such files. As soon as we get a byte array with the zip file, we are ready to send it.
      We simply call out.println(zip) to send the file.

    • li>Creating a zip file Have you ever noticed the package ?
      Basically, a zip file is created by adding ZipEntries to a ZipOutputStream.
      Once we have create a ZipEntry with a file name, we are ready to write an array of byte to the ZipOutputStream. Then we close the entry, finish the work with a call to finish(). We finally get a String containing the zipped file.

      zout.putNextEntry(new ZipEntry("file.html"));
      String zip=bout.toString();


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