aTicker is a simple, free and small Ticker texte scrolling Applet. aTicker runs on all browsers with JDK 1.1x support. (aTicker is free with all source code).
This applet is available in JDK 1.1x

Source HTML

<applet codebase="/jar" archive="applet-aticker.jar" code="com.berthou.applet.aticker.aticker.class" width=220 height=20 mayscript>
	<param name=file value="s">
	<param name=cSep value="§">
	<param name="speed" value="1">
	<param name="delay" value="30">
	<param name="local" value="true">
	<param name="bgcolor" value="13693183">
	<param name="Font1" value="Verdana, 14, 0, 0">
	<param name="Font2" value="Verdana, 14, 1, 1220">
	<param name="s0" value="JavaSide § § _load">
	<param name="s1" value="Mess 2 § javascript:alert('Salut...') § _script § ?PopupJavascript">
	<param name="s2" value="berthou-fr § § _load">
	<param name="s3" value="berthou-us § § _load">


Param name Type Description
file string Data file or prefix pour “line param”
cSep char text delimiteur (defaut “;”)
speed integer vitesse de defilement (1)
local String “true” : to read datas in parameters (no external data file)
delay integer mili-secs entre 2 affichages (100)
bgcolor integer Background color (en decimal)
Font1 String Definition de la police : Face, Size, Style, color
Font2 String Definition de la police active: Face, Size, Style, color

Data file

You can define your data in external file (static or dynamique PHP, ASP, ..) you must remove “local” parameter to use an external file

Col Type Description
1 Message string message
2 URL string Link URL
si “–” pas de lien
3 Target string utiliser _script pour un appel javascript
4 Status line String Message affiché dans la ligne de “status”


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