This small applet is a "minesweeper" clone, the goal of the game is very easy, you just have to discover and mark all the mines. To do this you have as option left clic which show you the land (you loose of there is a mine) and right clic which mark a mine (if the case is not discovered).

For developpers all source code is avaible here

i have also done a midlet version of this game and I think I am going to propose it to you soon.

PS : My best score is in expert mode 153 sec.

    Code html

    <applet code=JVMine.class width="450" height="300" />
    	<param name=bImg value="img/j" />
    	<param name=bgcolor value=2222200>
    	<param name=nbmine value="10" />
    	<param name=nbcol value="8" />
    	<param name=nbligne value="8" />
    	<param name=font value="Arial" />
    	<param name=fontsize value=14 />

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