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Rbl-Navigator is my second plugin for WordPress. In this plugin I just integrate a treeview menu in a widget.

This plugin permit to represent in just a widget your last articles, the list of the categories (and their “n” last articles), static links and the directory contents. I think I am going to add soon, if it seems usefull to you, the blogroll and the list of the last comments.

Exemple of use



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  • Description

    Treeview is the first component that I have developed (at the time in C + + for Windows 3). Since then I accommodate this development in various languages.
    So I present you the last of the Tliste family PHP version. This component is a freeware under license GPL.

    This component is a set of two classes PHP tliste the base class and rd_l which represents an element of the list. It is, in my opinion, relatively easy to use and easily adaptable. It’s still a “beta” version, which should be cleaned and I think also to produce two distinct versions for PHP-4 and PHP-5.


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