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The project

Recently I have searched a foms editor – wizard” in web mode. I looked for it on internet, believing many projects should greatly deal with this problem (I don’t like to develop something if it already exist). After many tests I have come to the conclusion that it does not exist (or that it is not well “referenced”…).
Also I have taken advantage of my holidays to do this “little” project.


DHTML Forms validation


In many projects of web developement I had to make the forms more dynamic to integreate easily many syntax tests. After many research on the web and tests I chose a DHTML tools Form-Validation by DhtmlGoodies.

Somes functions of this tools were absent. So to integrate them I had to modificate this tool.

Added Functions :

  • autoSkip : skip to the next zone when we enter the maximall number of charactere.
  • Display error message : You can define an error zone to display this message.
  • Added Checkboxs and radio butons
  • Two displays errors levels “zone” and “line”
  • Add callback function to offer the possibility of executing javascript code during validation or invalidation of a zone or all forms.
  • Format of the numerical’s zones


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  • With this tool you can chose a color and get decimal and hexadecimal value

  • Filed under: dhtml


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