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I have worked in the informatic for over twenty years and during all these years I have used many different data bases (relational, hierarchic, or network).
So I have followed the evolution and sometimes the disparitions of these data bases.
Today I am still surprised of teh small place that DB2 occupy on the open Systems, and I give you in this article my opinion on this lateness.

DB2 logo
First I would say DB2 has no problem on the Open Systems :

  • Performances : very good
  • Price : Competitive except of course in front of OpenSource
  • Functionality : Good security
  • Evolution : Regular version of the product


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  • The probleme

    Connexion without user identification
    During his installation Websphere is configure to accep all the users identification (wihout passwords) to accede to the administration console.
    You can type anything it goes perfectly, there is no verification.
    This is of course unacceptable and in the recent versions, a ‘wizard” lead you to activate the global security. But it activates all the J2EE security what is most of the time useless.

    The goal of this little article is to explain you (I hope in a clear way) how to securate the access to the WAS administration console without activating the whole J2EE security.
    Connexion without verification

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  • Description

    Usually in software devellopement we use values liste that we take from “properties”, SQL tables or in the worst case, “in hard codding” in our application.

    As many people I had this problem ans I solve it by creating “Tables Memories”. It permits me to limit the access to the database (or file), to low the occupation memory by having just one request of these memories liste, and to simplify my code.

    This code is quite old and could be improved (use of the patern singleton instead of a full static classe, synchronize optimisation…). I use this in a huge number of project and I always report these modifications because I don’t have any performance or memories problems.


    During the cration of this componant I wanted to have the following functions also I simplify in maximum its use in a JSP page or a Servtel :

    • “Connection” sql connection outside bean
    • Do not reload the data if they are already in memory
    • Load of a liste from a select SQL : loadQuery(…)
    • Load of a list from a values liste : loadListe(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (String) : getValue(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (Combobox) : getListe(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (Radio Bouton) : getRadio(…)


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  • Web News

    If it happens, it would be the biggest buying on the net. Indeed, to counter Google (who gives the impression to bother it), Microsoft announce a buying proposition of Yahoo for 45 milliard dollars.
    En fond cours de l'action de Yahoo

    I remember you that Yahoo exist since 1994 and the two (ex) student of Stanford (David Filo and Jerry Yang)can be very proud of their project ans of his valorization.

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