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After the article “How to sign a PDF in Java” I had various demands concerning the verification of this signature.
You will find in this article an exemple of code which permit to check this.

Tools used


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    Usually in software devellopement we use values liste that we take from “properties”, SQL tables or in the worst case, “in hard codding” in our application.

    As many people I had this problem ans I solve it by creating “Tables Memories”. It permits me to limit the access to the database (or file), to low the occupation memory by having just one request of these memories liste, and to simplify my code.

    This code is quite old and could be improved (use of the patern singleton instead of a full static classe, synchronize optimisation…). I use this in a huge number of project and I always report these modifications because I don’t have any performance or memories problems.


    During the cration of this componant I wanted to have the following functions also I simplify in maximum its use in a JSP page or a Servtel :

    • “Connection” sql connection outside bean
    • Do not reload the data if they are already in memory
    • Load of a liste from a select SQL : loadQuery(…)
    • Load of a list from a values liste : loadListe(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (String) : getValue(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (Combobox) : getListe(…)
    • Read of the description associated to a code (Radio Bouton) : getRadio(…)


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  • WWW – XWiki version 1.2

    Some news of the web

    After three “releases candidates” the final version of the excellent XWiki software is avaible to download.

    Xwiki is a Wiki Open Source multilingual, entirely written in Java. It offers all the services of a well securisated Wiki and permit an easy developping of the specifique functions (very useful to integrate this in existing applications). This sort of tools permit to develop quickly an entreprise Intranet by adding quite easyly specifique functions.

    This new version offers better performans, New users, groups and rights management UI (I didn’t like the previous one), many pluggins anb many other things to see at this link. ici.

    In my opinion I find the first contact very simple and quick. I particulary like the panel interface, the flux reader “Xwiki Watch” which is really very powerful and the exportation in RTF or PDF format.

    If you don’t already know this tool I invite you to discover it quicky.

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  • After some rumors, Sun announces an agreement to acquire MySql and Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire BEA Systems, Inc.

    It will give to Sun a popular database missing from its catalogue and it’s a very good database…

    More informations on this news

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    This news is the following of “How to signing a PDF with Java”

    I continu my research to use certificate available in the MS Windows Keystrore.I wanted to use a certificate stored in a card (use for MS Windows signe on).

    Thanks to these researchs I discovered that with JDK 6 it is very simple to use the MSCAPI‘s API .

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  • aDraw – Drawing Applet



    aDraw is a drawing java applet including a save option with acxImage and jspImage components or a php script. It works on all the navigators supporting the JDK 1.1. With this java applet you can easily include a drawing option in your Internet or Intranet site.



    Version 2.00

    • Add arrow on lines
    • Add background image
    • Add symbol object…


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  • Sign a PDF document


    Recently I had to research a solution to sign a PDF document. I think I am not the one to have this sort of problem, so I put here the result of my tests for the community.
    With this you can create and sign a PDF document with a PKCS12 certificat. When you signed a document you include in this document your numeric signature.
    It add automaticly this sort of pictures in PDF document and moreover to signed it. So it forbid any modifications by saying the transmitter (the signatory of the document).


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  • tChart


    tChart is a Chart Applet. The applet’s size is very small (14Ko…25Ko). tChart runs on all browsers with JDK 1.1 support (or greater).
    tChart is a simple sample of my cChart Component. With tChart you can draw : Bars, lines, pies, data tables, Area…


    News V5.31

    Version V 5.31

    • Correct a small bug (when all values < 0)

    Version 5.30

    • add new presentation mode (point mode “8″)
    • Can change color in line
    • restore bgimg option and add center right and mosaic options
    • add javascript’s functions
    • and more….

    Version 5.20

    • Rotate Texte in label and Ox axe
    • add tChart4 with auto-refresh
    • can change origine position
    • can change all font
    • add public method to addRow in javascript
    • change presentation in line and NAN value


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  • Exemple tChart

    tChart2 sample use

    This is a small tChart applet sample. You can chose different data file and display mode with right combobox.

    • auto Scale : m_0.txt exemple simple utilisant le calcul automatique du min et max
    • Nan Test : dd.txt use du Nan (Not a number) if no values for cols
    • Bar (bullet): m_0197.txt Display bar with bullet on mouserOver
    • Manual scale: m_0197.txt le même avec modification des min et max manuellement
    • Mscale 5 elt: m_0197.txt le même avec modification du nombre d’élément par page
    • Test ASP : vc.asp Exemple de generation du fichier de données a partir d’un ASP
    • Test PERL : Exemple de génération du fichier de données a partir d’un script Perl
    • Mode 8 : Exemple du mode simple point


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  • tChart2 sample

    Another sample

    This sample reads all data in applet parameter (no external data file) and making different types of presentation.

    • format decimal : frm
    • setLetend : ilg
    • convert unit : unit

    All data in parameters is a good solution to display a text in other charset (Japanese, chinese, greek,…).


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