aDraw is a drawing java applet including a save option with acxImage and jspImage components or a php script. It works on all the navigators supporting the JDK 1.1. With this java applet you can easily include a drawing option in your Internet or Intranet site.



Version 2.00

  • Add arrow on lines
  • Add background image
  • Add symbol object…


aDraw is a FreeWare for non commercial site.
For personnal use you want add a reference to me (my URL page) and send to me your URL (with aDraw applet).
For a professional use you want get a “professional registration”. With this registration you can use aDraw with no reference to me and i send to you all aDraw source.
For more information on “Professional registration” you can use this form :

Contact Form

(no spam question) 4 + 2 =

HTML Source

<applet code=”aDraw.class” archive=”aDraw.jar” width=”520″ height=”330″ MAYSCRIPT name=”aDraw”>
    <param name=”url” value=”javascript:test();”>
    <param name=”save” value=”yes”>
    <param name=”bgcolor” value=”#D0D0D0″>
    <param name=”image” value=”CN_1.gif”>
    <param name=”symbol” value=”s”>
    <param name=”sizeW” value=”430″>
    <param name=”sizeH” value=”250″>
    <param name=”bouton” value=”bouton.gif”>


Param name Type Description
save string If this parameter is define a “Save” button is show in the applet with parameter value for label.
bgcolor integer Define background color (start by “#” if hexa).
bouton string relative URL for gif button definition (default “bouton.gif”)
url string This URL string define “Save” action. You can call URL or javascript function.
Sample :
  • <param name=”url” value=””>
  • <param name=”url” value=””>
  • <param name=”url” value=”javascript:sauvegarde();”>
image string background image
symbol string relative or absolute URL for symbols ( with “../img/tot” the applet read “../img/tot0.gif … “../img/tot9.gif” for symbol and “../img/tot0s.gif … “../img/tot9s.gif” for icon images
sizeW integer Size width drawing surface
sizeH integer Size height drawing surface


Image Description
Active foreground and background color. You can change there colors with color palet.
Pencil : Can use forground or background color with right or left mouse button, and you can change the line size.
Line : Can use forground or background color with right or left mouse button, and you can change the line size.
Gum : Erase drawing with background color.
Text : To draw a text.
Fill function .
Change size line for pencil and line functions.
Erase all drawing ( !! Warning : no alert message ).

Color palet.

Font selection and input zone.
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