Rbl-Navigator is my second plugin for WordPress. In this plugin I just integrate a treeview menu in a widget.

This plugin permit to represent in just a widget your last articles, the list of the categories (and their “n” last articles), static links and the directory contents. I think I am going to add soon, if it seems usefull to you, the blogroll and the list of the last comments.

Exemple of use



To install this plugin on your WordPress configuration you just have to:

  • Unzip the download file in the index/wp-content/plugins of your wordpress installation.
  • Start the plugin in the administration console.
  • Add a widget Rbl-Navigator in your SideBar.
  • Configure this widget


When you parametrize the Rbl-Navigator widget, a window appears and permit to specify the followings parameters :

  • Title : Title of the widget
  • Data : This data permit to build a treeview.
  • Image Base : Default index of the images used by the plugins. (normally “img/ot”)
  • Separator : Separation tape normally used by the plugin.”§”
  • Max size : Max lenght of an item of the treeview in tape. (0 if there is no limit)

Data zone

0 § Home § 14 § /fr/index.php § ?Welcome
0 § %%LAST-5 § Last news § 1
0 § %%CAT-19,20-5 § Mes categs 19 et 20 § 1
0 § %%CAT-4-5 § Ma categ 4 § -1
0 § A propos § 19 § /fr/?p=2

This area permit to define teh whole contents of a treeview. This is structure as the following exemple :

  • Static links :
    Col Description
    1 Hierarchical level (0 1st level).
    2 Title
    3 Icon number
    4 URL
    5 destination target or help message (bullet) if the string start with a ‘?’
  • Commandes (WP) :
    Col Description
    1 Hierarchical level(0 1st level).
    2 Command (start by %%)
    3 Title
    4 Icon number
  • Commands format :
    Command Description
    %%LAST-(n) Show the last n news
    Exemple : %%LAST-5
    %%CAT-(idcat)-(n) Show the last n news in categories idcat
    Exemple : %%CAT-19,20-5 (display the last 5 articles in the categories 19 and 20)

    %%CAT-ALL-3 (show les 3 last news in all categories)
    %%REP-(directory)-(action) Exemple : %%REP-/www/tliste/-aaa.php?file=tliste/ (display a structure and contents of directory /www/tliste/ and define an action for each item aaa.php?file=nomdufichier


  • JQuery : This plugin use the intern version at WordPress of JQuery to limit the modifications during the oppening of the closing of a node.
    But it perfectly works if the Javascript support is desactivated.
  • Optimisation : To limit the acess to the data base, a file is generate during the key-boarding of an article or during the modification of the widget’s configuration.


  • 04/05/2008 : Version 1.00 1st version


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