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6 december 2007 : Some corrections (bugs and, display problem), widgets modification to add open/close option. Add bottom sidebar.

Chose a theme…

After having tested some blog’s engines (dotclear, drupal, joomla, ..), I chosed WordPress. This choise done I needed to configurate it and chose a theme and plugins.

I wanted a theme with the following functions :

  • Fluid Width
  • 3 colums
  • Widget ready

After many tests I select “Illacrimo” by Design disease .
I had to do some modifications on this theme to be totally satisfied.

I made the following modifications :

  • I change the left colum to give him fluid width
  • I change the left “date” colum to include it into the title
  • Correction of a little bug with WordPress 2.3.x

If you do some corrections or modifications in this theme I would be pleased if you send me a copy of it.


Rbl – Illacrimo – Français

Rbl – Illacrimo – English

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