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A few days ago I had a little problem when I tried to deploy in WAS 6.0 (Websphere Application Serveur 6) an application including a PDF signature.
During the execution of the servlet’s signature, I had the following problem :

java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception:
Error in loading the keystore: Private key decryption error:
(java.lang.SecurityException: Unsupported keysize or algorithm parameters)


This error is caused by the JCE libraries used by the virtual java’s machine executing WAS. This JVM is the standard version and it had a limited support of cryptographie’s algorithme. To correct this you just have to substitute two jar files in teh configuration of the JVM IBM (local_policy.jar et US_export_policy.jar).
This files are in the index $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security (for exemple /usr/lib/jvm/jre-ibm/lib/security or /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/java/jre/lib/security).
You can download this non limited librairies (file

When the file is download you had to:

  • Decompress the downloaded file
  • Verify that this file contains local_policy.jar et US_export_policy.jar
  • Stop Websphere
  • Save the old files
  • Substitute the two files
  • Take off again WAS
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  • aTicker – applet


    aTicker is a simple, free and small Ticker texte scrolling Applet. aTicker runs on all browsers with JDK 1.1x support. (aTicker is free with all source code).
    This applet is available in JDK 1.1x

    Source HTML

    <applet codebase="/jar" archive="applet-aticker.jar" code="com.berthou.applet.aticker.aticker.class" width=220 height=20 mayscript>
    	<param name=file value="s">
    	<param name=cSep value="§">
    	<param name="speed" value="1">
    	<param name="delay" value="30">
    	<param name="local" value="true">
    	<param name="bgcolor" value="13693183">
    	<param name="Font1" value="Verdana, 14, 0, 0">
    	<param name="Font2" value="Verdana, 14, 1, 1220">
    	<param name="s0" value="JavaSide § § _load">
    	<param name="s1" value="Mess 2 § javascript:alert('Salut...') § _script § ?PopupJavascript">
    	<param name="s2" value="berthou-fr § § _load">
    	<param name="s3" value="berthou-us § § _load">


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  • WWW –

    On the web

    When I surfed on the net, I discovered the site . This site makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service. With a subscription you can get a priority processing and so you can reduce the waiting delay (30 min without sunscription). do this on 3 OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) and propose a large choice of browsers. I especially like the old browsers versions and the possibility to download all screenshots in 1 zipped file.

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  • LiaDash

    You are Lia (), the aim in your life is to get all the keys (keys) of the level and a certain amount of jewels (keys) without being crushed by the boulders (keys) and the Jewel. To get the jewels you can eat the ground.
    Warning ! Destroy all monsters and crunch under a boulder to cross the uncrossable wall !

    How to play …

    • The arrow keys to move Lia
    • “F2″ key to start a new game
    • and you can commit suicide with the “End” key


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  • Description

    News version ! Correct bug in categories tag

    rbl-listtag is a WordPress plugin, it can display in a page or in a post the last comments or the last posts filtered by tags or categories.
    It’s my first plugin, you can send me either your bugs or comments.


    • Upload rbl-listtag.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    • That’s it!


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  • Description

    This news is the following of “How to signing a PDF with Java”

    I continu my research to use certificate available in the MS Windows Keystrore.I wanted to use a certificate stored in a card (use for MS Windows signe on).

    Thanks to these researchs I discovered that with JDK 6 it is very simple to use the MSCAPI‘s API .

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  • Run Websphere on other user than root

    For his installation Websphere need to use root account. The installation’s script don’t propose the creation or utilisation of an other user account. This is disturbing because all the objets created by Webphere belong to root.

    But it’s easy to correct this problem.

    Modifications to do

    I take in account that you have created the user and the group that you wanted. After that you just have to connect yourself to the Websphere’s administration console to change some parametres in this page : Execution process parameters.

    You can go to this page thanks to the menu Servers > Applications server > name_of_your_server and (in the options of this page) Server Infrastructure > Gestion des processus and Java > Processus Execution.

    So you can change the user and group wich is going to run the principal process of Websphere ( java ). With that, all objects created by websphere (images, files, …) are accessible even to other user than root.

    Warning : after this you must change the owner of all files and directorys read by Websphere ( $WAS_HOME/ and your WebApp and all other required files)

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  • aDraw – Drawing Applet



    aDraw is a drawing java applet including a save option with acxImage and jspImage components or a php script. It works on all the navigators supporting the JDK 1.1. With this java applet you can easily include a drawing option in your Internet or Intranet site.



    Version 2.00

    • Add arrow on lines
    • Add background image
    • Add symbol object…


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