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For the lambda user it is very difficult to “test” Linux. Indeed, everybody don’t have many computers, the installation in a virtuel machine or in DualBoot can be risk and the tests with a “live-CD” distribution are quickly limitated.

It is in this point of viewthat I tried “andLinux” which is a Ubuntu complete distribution which directly works under Windows.


After a quick visit of the official site of these attractive product, I choosed to test the KDE version and I downloaded the 665MB (a minimal version XFCE 163MB is also avaible).
The installation is very simple and you don’t need any particular knowledges (a uninstall option is of course offers).
During this phase I choosed to configure the product with 256MB of ram (this seemed perfectly satisfactory).
After a classical reboot, usually necassary for the installation of a product under Window, you have have now a Windows which is able to run Linux applications (by default with the KDE option tou have already KWrite, Konsole, Konkeror, Kate, Kontrol, and many others…).

Warning : During the installation I had no questions about the disk place and a “base.drv” disk of 4Go had been created. So you have to plan some free place.


I was very surprised of the quick start up and of the fluidity of the applications (Kwrite, Konsole, Konkeror), everything seemed to work perfectly (“apt-get install”, disk share with Windows, Cut/passed in Windows and Linux applications, …).
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After 48 hours of test I waan’t any probems ( with andLinux or impact on my Windows’s configuration). So I am very satisfied of this product.
I think I am giong to do more tests and to try to configure it as a Web serveur.
This solution is very satisfactory to test Linux without any restriction and even for a higher use.

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